We are proud to be a part of Mixed Colours: rebirth, an exhibition put together in the benefit of Children of the Mekong. 

MIX COLOURS: REBIRTH is a cross-cultural art exhibition featuring 22 international artists and curated by Marie-Florence Gros (La Galerie Paris 1839) and Christel Villepelet.

MIX COLOURS: REBIRTH is a burst of colours to celebrate the energy of life, the power of diversity and natural beauty, and to highlight the links between cultures.

Wrecked on our island, or stuck elsewhere, forbidden to travel, we have cherished even more the vivid beauty around us. While pollution, globalization, threaten to fade the world’s colours and contrasts, while unexpected new threats have changed our perspectives, this exhibition enhances colours as symbols of the natural and cultural diversity to save, the original beauty to admire, the source of rebirth: a positive and energetic sight to create tomorrow’s world.

Opening April 29, 2021
Closing May 3, 2021

Opening Hours
Opening: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Other days: 10:00am to 8:00pm

Level 3, East Wing, The Pulse, Repulse Bay

Free admission and open to public

About Mixed Colours: Rebirth

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