‘We aim to connect with traditions whilst always having something new to say. We identify ourselves as a link between craft, industry, design and users and seek to stimulate a dialogue through our work.’

Latitude 22N is a Hong Kong based design company established in 2008 by designer and artist duo Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin. Named Latitude to reflect on the diverse backgrounds of the founders and of their collaborative partners, and 22N for the latitude of Hong Kong, we offer a range of contemporary and creative porcelain dinnerware, home decor, accessories and lighting under our brand Latitude 22N, very unique limited edition and experimental pieces under our label Julie & Jesse as well as design consultancy services both in ceramic and graphic design.

We like to create our own, personal line of latitude, drawing upon our different cultures and experiences to find a new, fresh perspective on our own traditions. Our roots are anchored in local traditions and time-honored values. Our story is one of making. We create ceramic collections in which design and skill come together always seeking to work in places and with people with amazing history, stories and expertise. The creation of each item stems from the collaboration between the designers and the makers– it weaves and forms Latitude 22N’s story.

How we work


The diverse background of our team and partners allow us to define and  build projects consistently across all platforms, from tailor-made products, visual identity, packaging, to experiential design.

Bespoke design

Tailor made products for your brand. We love to put our product design skills at work and get our hands dirty to design, prototype and produce one-of-a-kind items for your needs. Ceramics is our strength but we’ve worked with all kinds of materials.


We approach each project with enthusiasm and dedication that immerses us on a creative journey with our clients. Above all, we care.

Touch of the hand

We do not believe that good design can be created solely at a computer station. We believe in hand drawing, experimenting, being hands on which often leads to happy accidents. Needless to say, we love our computers! We like to find a balance between technology and tradition.


We work ‘with’ our clients, rather than ‘for’ them. We believe that good design comes through good relationships. These ties we weave often grow into long-term partnerships.


We value our local community. We’ve participated in various events and hosted several exhibitions that bring people and design together in creative and positive ways.