Four APT artists at Latitude 22N for Chai Wan Mei
In support of the local artist community in Chai Wan Mei, APT Institute and Latitude 22n, in collaboration with the Collector Club, present a group show of Hong Kong artists: Tang Kwok Hin, Samson Young, Josef Bares and Alessandro Carboni.

APT Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by the Artist Pension Trust (APT) in response to the need among contemporary artists for global exposure and recognition of their artwork.  APT Institute introduces a range of initiatives that advances artists and promotes their artworks by weaving together art world professionals and their organizations with APT’s network of curators, contemporary artists and artwork for collaborations and interactions.

Originally trained in music composition, Samson Young’s (b.1979) creative outputs now manifest in a variety of media and across disciplinary divide. His works are seen and heard in galleries, museums, concert halls and performance spaces.

Tang Kwok Hin, mixed media artist, independent curator and writer, was born in 1983 and raised in Hong Kong. His art focus on occasion, space, time and ways of encountering symbols to explore hidden rules in living and existing context for self-expression like collage.

Josef Bares is a media artist of Czech/German origin, currently living and working in Hong Kong. His area of interest lies in systems of signs. He uses different ways to visually convey the processes taking place in signification – the creation of meaning. He is especially interested in relationships between city and language, space and semantics.

Interdisciplinary artist, Alessandro Carboni addresses his research paths on multiple domains both from theoretical and practical studies. His experience, gained as a visual artist and performer, focuses on the body and its relationship with space. His works are interdisciplinary mappings that represent places the artist reshapes and weaves according to the different stages stimulated by specific urban contingencies. The research materials collected and produced during the long periods of work and residence in selected urban areas, are accumulated in an archive that is transformed into visual works, installations, video and performance.

Wednesday May 14th – Sunday May 18th
Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th 11am to 7pm
Saturday 17th 11am to 9pm
Sunday 18th 11am to 5pm

5:00 pm
“Misguided Tour”
Participating artists Samson Young, Tang Kwok Hin, Alessandro Carboni and Josef Bares will take turn interpreting each other’s artworks as the audience is “Misguided” through the exhibition at Latitude 22N.

6:00 pm
“APTI and Collector Club Party at Latitude 22n”
All are invited to join the participating artists, the Collector Club members and curator Kwok Ying and Jesse and Julie Mclin of Latitude 22n for wine and canapés at Latitude 22N.

We’re located right across from Chai Wan MTR Exit B

Best option is to say Chai Wan MTR station, the taxi stand outside the station is right across from our studio

Drive to Chai Wan MTR station on Kut Shing Street where you will find a car park.

BUS 8 & 81 stop right in front of our building